requisite distraction

underneath the atrium
she empties her box
contents strewn in the corridor
hiding behind a column
as my ghost wanders
rooms devoid
the collateral damages
of invisible demons
long since left
rotting structures
unaware of their inheritance
a lone rubber boot
the only proof of life
lines echoing stairwells
my voice calls to me
across the twisting heights
escapes me
yet one last demon comes to her
taunting. a reminder of her own
knife placed deftly in
her back
where it still resides

when i awake this dream
the demon king
has already transported us to
our cell
dungeon door unlocked
no escape

nude descending staircase
comes full round
to meet her naked
face in mirror

the past lies beyond
ridden that backwords
world, with causalities
of lust