We here at Metævol Technology, LLC are on the hunt for collaborators from every creative and scientific field, in order to build a virtual and physical network of makers and thinkers. The goal is to explore and build hollarchical spaces to share ideas, to develop projects and models, and to R+D as well as R+R together in varying degrees, at differential degrees of Latitude, Longitude, and Verisimilitude.

This has been an ongoing goal for the past 12 years, during a loose process of learning and networking. I believe it is time to begin an earnest growth of this concept of collaboration, and what better time, than on the day of the most significant North American total solar eclipse in 99 years, as the summer draws to an end, and the vernal equinox draws neigh? This is a time of celebration and reflection, recognized through the millennia as the season of death and rebirth, of harvest and preparation.

Any interested parties should contact us through the contact link on metaevol.com

More info to follow...

-Jonathan Isbell