I've been in Reno for a couple weeks. Wrapping up loose ends and planning on another life change. Haven't spent more than a couple days here in nigh on 15 years. At least a dozen. Had the good fortune to meet several fabricators and artists that are making moves here, one of which I went to highschool with, and had the pleasure of learning my first efforts in glassblowing with. One of those high school comrades you didn't know, but 18 years later you meet and vaguely recognize. This town I grew up in, wasn't born in, but it's always been home. Had to leave to cut my teeth, but the older I get, the more I miss it's majestic raw outlaw freedom, the mountains, and the lake that shall remain nameless, lest her flower be withered. I love everyone I've met on this journey, and on the eve of yet another new lifetime, with many more to come (knock on wood), I have fallen in love with this place with fresh, albeit slightly older and weathered eyes.


In the interest of making it topical, here is an image of molten glass, spinning in a "glory hole" (true trade name) as a stand-in for the fluidity and craft and volatility of life. (Mic Drop)...