A high school senior just hit me up via my form submission page on metaevol.com

This amounts to my first official interview, and I was happy to oblige. I have deleted his/her name for said person's privacy, but otherwise have copied the interview in its entirety, sans editing.  

My favorite advice answer: Don't be a prick.  

For your enjoyment: 


Subject: Hi,My name is --------------,Im a Senior at -------- High I was just wondering if i can get these questions answered for my senior paper


Message: 1. Would you please spell your name for me?
My name is Jonathan Isbell

2. What is your career, and how would you describe your daily duties and responsibilities?

I am an Architectural Designer/Builder and Artist. My daily duties range from 3D and 2D design to metal fabrication to carpentry to running a business and networking to learning everything I can about everything. My interests and inspirations include Philosophy, Physics, Cosmology, Metallurgy, Graphic Design, Photography, Architectural and Geopolitical History, Theory and Practice, Robotics, and Emerging Technology.

3. How long have you worked in this job field, and what work experience did you have before? 

In many ways, my entire life's experience informs my work, career, and aspirations. I have worked in many fields. Look at my CV on my website. metaevol.com/cv

4. How or why did you choose this as your career?

My family history inspired me to be a builder. I come from a long line of Civil Engineers. Isbell Construction Company built many highways and roads in the western United States, as well as many mining operations. Although it is unfortunately damaging to the environment, my great grandfather was instrumental in the invention of strip mining. I have a natural gift for understanding how things fit together, and how raw materials can be shaped to create the built environment.

5. What training have you had to prepare you for your career? Where/how did you receive it?

Look at my CV.

6. What advice might you give to someone wanting to enter this career field?

Study everything that interests you, no matter how relevant it seems. Follow your dreams. Don't be a prick. Don't let anyone dissuade you from achieving your goals.

7. If you were to start all over, would you choose this career again? Why/why not?

Yes, but I would add more education.

8. What are the strong points that you love about your career? The drawbacks?

I get to choose my own destiny. Drawbacks? More like challenges: it can sometimes be very difficult to forge your own path in life. You will find people that will fight you just because you are making your own way. That scares some people.

9. Can you speak a little about salary expectations for newly hired _____? Experienced workers?

Salary depends upon your skills, location, your ability and willingness to negotiate your wages, and your ability to think fast and act faster, to get the job done right the first time.


Thanks for reaching out to me, --------, good luck on your paper!

Jonathan Isbell


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